4 Useful Ways to Screen Mirroring Smartphone to Xiaomi TV


4 Useful Ways to Screen Mirroring Smartphone to Xiaomi TV:  Screen mirroring is a famous way of enjoying your smartphone’s content on a larger and better display. However, if you’re utilizing an Android device, finding the appropriate settings and tools to mirror your screen may not be so easy.

If you want to share videos and pictures with your family, we suggest mirroring your phone to a larger screen like a PC or TV. Because of course, it will be hard for everyone to see your Phone’s screen. You actually do not require a fancy Smart TV to mirror Phone to Mi TV with these great applications that we listed below. So read more to see which applications we suggest.

1. ApowerMirror

If you are thinking about compatibility, ApowerMirror should rank first on your rundown. ApowerMirror is so valuable since it is Airplay prepared. This implies it’s viable with TVs that help Airplay. So for the situation, your TV is only a customary Smart TV, that is not an issue. You can involve your PC or PC as an extension to interface your phone to your TV. To find out additional, you can allude to the means underneath on the best way to show Phone to Mi TV.


  • Download and introduce ApowerMirror on your PC and phone.
  • Get a USB link and interface it on your Tv and PC
  • Presently interface your PC to your smartphone by associating them under a similar Wi-Fi organization
  • Then, at that point, send off the application on your smartphone and PC. On your smartphone, hold on until the name of your PC shows up.
  • Tap the name of your PC and tap smartphone screen reflecting. The reflecting will then, at that point, start.
  • Swipe up to uncover your control community and tap “Screen reflecting” Then tap the name of your PC for the last touch.

2. LetsView

Close to ApowerMirror, there is LetsView. Contrasted with ApowerMirror, this application is a little a stride ahead. You needn’t bother with any link to associate your android phone with your TV. The device is Miracast prepared which implies that any TV that upholds Miracast will be viable with LetsView. You simply need a working and stable Wi-Fi organization and interface. You can see the itemized guide on the best way to project Phone to Mi TV.


  • Download LetsView on your smartphone.
  • Interface your phone and Xiaomi TV under the name Wi-Fi organization
  • On your phone, swipe up to uncover your control community and tap the name of your Xiaomi TV.
  • At last, tap the name of your Xiaomi TV. Assuming that you are utilizing an Android Xiaomi TV like Samsung and so
  • on You can straightforwardly download the application on your Xiaomi TV.

3. Airplay via Apple TV

Are you the kind of individual who would rather not manage wires and just burn through cash to get comfort? Well, use something viable with Apple as of now. Utilize an Apple TV. Apple Tv permits you to stream any gadget that has an underlying screen reflecting application to transfer sound and video for simply P149 dollars. This can likewise work with your iPad and different iOS gadgets that uphold Airplay. In the interim to reflect smartPhone to Xiaomi TV here is an aide you can follow.

Airplay via Apple TV

  • Buy the Apple TV and interface the two gadgets under a similar Wi-Fi organization.
  • Presently on your iPhone, swipe up to show your control community.
  • Tap “Screen Mirroring”.
  • At long last, tap the name of your Xiaomi TV and the reflection will start.

4. Third-Party Networking Hardware

Outsider Networking Hardware is dongles that you interface on your Xiaomi TV. Instances of such devices are Roku, Fire TV, and Chromecast. On the off chance that you own one of the referenced apparatuses or the same, you can in any case boost them to display iPhone to Mi TV. These devices are Miracast and Airplay prepared. This implies all iOS gadgets will be viable with iPhone. Truth be told, the method on the best way to is less difficult than the initial three. Figure out how beneath.

Third-Party Networking Hardware

  • Enable the Screen reflecting component on your TV.
  • For other people, there is a way in tracking down the settings. This will rely upon the make and model of the TV that you are utilizing. In the event that you don’t have any idea how to empower it, call your TV support.
  • Associate the two gadgets under a similar Wi-Fi organization.
  • On your smartphone, swipe up to see “Screen Mirroring” from the control community.
    Then you should tap the name of your PC to effectively reflect.


All tools or applications are suitable for anybody. You needn’t bother with a very good quality savvy TV to mirror smartPhone to Mi TV or to other people. You can browse the instruments referenced previously. The rundown really gave you various choices in reflecting; simply pick whichever will be generally advantageous for you.

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