Do Android developers have a harder time than iOS developers?


Mobile technology has taken over the world since the first iPhone was released in 2007. iPhones were all the rage back in the day, but they were soon followed by the first Android phone developed by HTC. Since these progressions were first made in the technology sector, mobile phones have only gotten more intricate. Android developers build Most of the latest phones’ intricacies can be seen in their apps.

You might be sitting in your room, reading this article on an app on your phone, but take a moment to consider how apps are made? The thought surely crosses the minds of the curious when they realize just how much apps do for them. It would be impossible to imagine a smartphone without apps. Even PCs or MacBooks would be an empty piece of machinery if apps didn’t exist. In 1997, the first mobile arcade game ‘Snake’ was launched by Nokia. Many consider it to be the first app created for mobile phones.

How are apps made?

The app-building process is difficult no matter how you look; however, tools have been developed over the years for app creation. As Android and iOS are different platforms, they have different app development tools. On Androids, you can use Java to create apps, while on Apple, you can use Swift. Both tools have different features that make app creation on each platform different.

Often while developing an app, you’d need to hire a developer or several developers who are well-versed in both Android and iOS app creation. This is to expand the platforms your apps can reach. Depriving one platform of your app would be the same as missing out on the traffic of half the human population. You need both on your side if you want your app to take off without a hitch.

IOS and Android App Development; How are they different?

App developers worldwide argue that iOS app development is far easier than Android app development. Many companies worldwide offer custom mobile apps development, but some base their app development on a single platform. There are many differences between iOS and Android app development, and a few are listed below:

  • Swift requires less coding than Java or Kotlin.
  • Different development designs, i.e., Androids, vary in different shapes and sizes, while Apple phones are limited to a certain size.
  • Both have different programming languages, and testing approaches.

After reviewing the above, you might hop on the bandwagon because it seems like creating apps for Androids is a lot more difficult, right? iOS vs Android development differs because iOS is limited to just Apple while hundreds of brands use the Android platform, such as Samsung, Xiaomi, OPPO, etc.

Android App Development is More Challenging

It takes time and effort to design every Android app to a certain standard. Each app a developer creates pertains to a certain design strategy to adapt to any Android phone. This is a rough and challenging task because each code has to be intricately placed so that the app can adapt to hundreds of phones.

For this reason, Android app development is a lot more difficult, but it’s also a lot more fruitful. A lot of the effort put towards the app’s creation is the countless hours of the developer’s hard work coding the app to fit every android phone. As difficult as it is to cater to every Android phone, many Android app development agencies specialize in this difficult task. 

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Keeping Your Interests at Heart

All app development agencies are concerned with one thing, user satisfaction. This is a common interest whether the app is specified for Androids or iOS because, in the end, the user is what makes the app set sail. Many content creators and developers have ideas for games that work for user satisfaction by following all the new mobile game trends

All mobile games are even more difficult to code for Androids, but as long as the user is satisfied, what more can a developer ask for? The future has much in store for new types of apps and the trends they bring with them; we hope you’re as excited for them as we are.

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