Best Movie Streaming App To Have In Your Xiaomi Smartphone


Xiaomi is one of the best products and has grown its business across the globe. In fact, people using Xiaomi devices has doubled in the last few years. Also, nowadays, everyone watches movies online, and for that, you need to have a legal streaming app. Hence, we are here to help you give some of the best Movie Streaming App On Xiaomi Smartphones.

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Best Movie Streaming App On Xiaomi Smartphones

1. Netflix

Netflix is one of the most popular movie streaming websites. In fact, there are some amazing Web series that you will want to watch every day.  But, Netflix is not a good option for those who watch movies once in a while. If you are one of those who watch movies most of the time, then this is the best Movie Streaming Site to have on your Xiaomi Smartphone.

The best part, you can make the payment monthly to watch unlimited hit movies from Netflix. Also, you can share the account with your friends, which will be cheap for you.

2. Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime Video, which is popular worldwide is one of the best movies streaming app that you can get. The best part is that you can either pay for a monthly subscription or you can pay for the movie you want. But not all movies can be Pay per movies. But Amazon Prime Video has the best and the vast data to watch from.

3. Hotstar & HotStar VIP

Hotstar started as a free Movie free streaming platform providing old movies for free. But with the competition around, the platform had to upgrade to HotStar VIP service so that they can also provide last and early access to content. Also, there is another plan for those who want movie access, but Hotstar VIP is best for those who watch TV Series and want early access to it. Also, the HotStar plan is cheap.

4. Zee5

Recently, Zee5 has gained a lot of attention from the audience. Especially for releasing the latest movies as well as some of the best web series. The best part is that Zee5 has some great content for free. These movies are old but are only available on Zee5 for free.

These are the top apps that you need to have on your Xiaomi smartphone to watch movies. If you want to know the regular update on the above-mentioned or any other movies, then you can check Movie-Rater for regular updates on movies on legal streaming platforms.

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