Going Somewhere as a Gamer? Here’s What You Must Have


Even a gamer sometimes travels, whether it be for leisure or business. And there are some things they never leave without. Learn about the essential items in every traveling gamer’s arsenal!

Carry-on Luggage

An essential item on the list is luggage, where gamers can safely store the rest of their essentials. When traveling, it’s best to go light; and that goes the same for your traveling luggage. The reason is that you want to stay within the weight limits of every aircraft.

If you happen to be traveling on the road or water, it still helps to travel light. The next thing you have to consider and think about is whether you’re going for a soft shell or a hard shell. Hard surfaces are recommended because it offers structure and extra protection for the pieces of gadget every gamer has.

Many of the gadgets that a gamer carries are fragile. Take, for example, a phone or a gaming laptop. In many cases, they are prone to damage from weight, pressure, or contact.

Gaming Laptop

A gaming laptop is a portable and robust machine capable of running graphics games. They’re priced for being smaller and lighter than a PC, giving gamers the ability to travel with their ultimate gear.

Today, gaming laptops have developed into more compact versions of their PC counterparts. You can even start building your gaming laptop. The best part about it is that technology is transforming laptops and making them capable of delivering a desktop-like experience.

You can now build gaming laptops from scratch. And as always, you have to cover the essential components. As a gamer, there are two things you need to prioritize: central processing unit (CPU) and graphics processing unit (GPU). However, gamers splurge more on the graphics card than anything else.

For beginners, the CPU functions as the brain of the computer. It takes care of analyzing all input and out data and compiling data sequence that allows you to interact with programs like games. All data and functions go through the CPU before it goes to the rest of the computer.

Meanwhile, the GPU renders all animation depending on the data and sequences processed by the CPU. In other words, the GPU lets you immerse in excellent 2D and 3D graphics while making sure that you benefit from smooth interactions in every frame.

Both are equally important, and you should prioritize function and performance. When building a laptop, you have to consider connectivity and design. You have to look at the docks and cables, and of course, the finishing touches.

Power Bank

A gamer needs a reliable and portable source of energy when traveling. It’s required to charge all gadgets, particularly phones and laptops. That’s why a gamer should never forget a power bank.

The first thing you should think about and consider when buying a power bank is the capacity. You need something that can store the power you need for all your devices. For example, if it’s a power bank for your phone, pick something that has the capacity of twice your phone’s battery.

Prioritize build quality over the design. You want something durable, not something that breaks or leaks as soon as it falls. The build determines how durable the frame is, how efficient it stores energy, and how fast and reliable its energy transfer is. So you need to invest in a good one. Otherwise, you risk damaging your devices.

Another thing you should consider is the ports in the power bank. The more connectivity options, the better; because this means that it can cater to various devices. Another consideration to make is that you should invest in power banks that have a high-quality lithium-polymer battery.

A solid tip is to go for brands with an established reputation. Some brands are at the top for a reason, and that’s because they’ve proven themselves worthy of people’s positive feedback, testimonials, and referrals. If you don’t know much about the specifications of power banks, it’s better to trust the brand’s reputation.

Silent Gaming Mouse

The number one benefit of owning a silent gaming mouse is that you don’t disturb others. For players, coaches, and boosters in games like Valorant who travel, the least you can do is be quiet while playing on the road or in a public place. Many people will raise their eyebrows at you once they hear the bombardment of clicks.

Gaming Headset

It would be best to detect footsteps and fun shots as you play, but you can’t disturb others. Again, just like with the silent gaming mouse, you want to be respectful to other travelers or people. Plugin your gaming headset so that you can enjoy the game without disturbing others.

Another perk of headsets is that you have a sense of privacy. If you’re a little introverted and don’t appreciate small talk, then you’ll understand headsets even more. In addition, you can also save battery instead of using speakers.

 It’s important to remember that it’s better to travel light. So only carry essentials when you travel. Among the things you’ll need as a gamer are a piece of luggage, a gaming laptop, a power bank, a silent gaming mouse, and a gaming headset.

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