How To Configure Your Mi Mix 2 After A Factory Reset


If you have a Mi Mix 2 & you have performed a Factory Reset, you may need some help to get your device up and running again. So, how exactly do you configure a Mi Mix 2 after performing a factory reset on your phone? Well, what you do is follow these simple steps as you get started with the setup,

Steps to configure a Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 after a Factory Reset

  1. Select your preferred Language to start.
  2. Select the Region (country) you live in.
  3. Connect to a Wi-Fi or Mobile network for Internet Access
  4. Verify it’s you by logging into the Google account that you were using on that device. If you forget the password somehow & reset it from somewhere else, you’ll need to wait three days before you can access the device with the new password.
  5. After you’ve successfully verified your identity, you’ll able to access your device.

This process can be a little different visually when & if Android Pie pie actually rolls out for the Mi Mix 2. Also, with that, you may have the option to just draw your pattern instead of logging into your Google account for Address Verification. The same process also works on all the other Xiaomi phones that are running an earlier Android version than Pie (In Pie you may have that pattern verification too).

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