How to Fix UI Lagging In Redmi Note 6 Pro?


Xiaomi’s Redmi Note series has been doing surprisingly well in the past few years. Whereas, Redmi note 6 pro has already a few issues with the device which have been noticed by users. In fact, almost all devices in the new phone have a few issues and bugs. Additionally, these are fixed within a matter of minutes or via an official OTA update. In this article, you will find details about How to fix UI lagging in Redmi note 6 Pro

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How to Fix UI Lagging In Redmi Note 6 Pro? Step by Step Guide

1. Don’t keep your Internal Storage full or almost full

Keeping your Internal Storage full or almost full slows down your smartphone so, keeping your storage a bit free helps with the speed of your device. You can do this by just uninstalling the apps you don’t use at all & deleting the unnecessary files & media from your phone.

2. Reduce the Animation Speeds

This step is simple yet very effective and comes in handy if you follow these steps.

Steps to follow

  • Go to Settings & search for “Build Number”.
  • After finding it, click on it continuously for 7 times.
  • That will enable “Developer options”.
  • You will find “Developer options”
  • Find the “Drawing” section.
  • Inside that section, you’ll find three animation scales (Window, Transition & Animator duration).
  • They’re normally set to “1x”.
  • Change them to “.5x” & now your UI is twice as fast.

3. Factory Reset Your Device

Give your device a fresh start by performing a Factory Reset. It’ll bring the device back to its initial state while keeping it on the latest firmware. Then you can reinstall your apps & reload your files (make a backup in advance). After that, your phone will be way faster.

These steps work every single time. Now you know how to make your Redmi note 6 Pro phone faster. In case you have any other questions, please drop them in the comments section below. We’ll be happy to answer them.

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