How to Fix Xiaomi Note 7 Pro Black Screen Problem


How to Fix Xiamoi 7 Pro Black Screen Problem: As a follower of the Xiamoi 7 Pro phone, I like their easy-to-use working framework. In any case, I am additionally upset by some Xiamoi 7 Pro issues, for example, the dark screen of death, the Xiamoi 7 Pro phones won’t turn on. The inability to associate with WiFi. As of late, my smartphone’s warning light continues flickering yet I can’t see anything displayed on my Xiamoi 7 Pro phone’s screen. My Samsung Galaxy dark screen continues onward back until the battery totally passes on. In the wake of counseling the important data. I discovered that this is a Xiamoi 7 Pro phone dark screen issue. Assuming your Xiamoi 7 Pro phone has the accompanying side effects. It tends to reason that you have experienced this issue as well:

  1. The pointer light on the phone will streak suitably, yet the screen won’t work as expected.
  2. The phone screen has frozen every now and again.
  3. The Xiaomi 7 Pro phone is rebooting or crashing all the time.
  4. The Xiaomi 7 Pro will ring or make a warning sound, yet you can’t collaborate with the phone.

Why Did My Xiamoi 7 Pro Screen Go Black?

For what reason is my Xiamoi 7 Pro working yet the screen is dark? The one generally asked by Xiamoi 7 Pro smartphone clients. There are many purposes behind the dark screen of death on Xiamoi 7 Pro phones. Coming up next are a portion of the more incessant reasons:

  • Introduce incongruent applications or applications with mistakes and infections on Xiamoi 7 Pro.
  • Charge the Xiamoi 7 Pro for quite a while.
  • Utilize an incongruent charger.
  • Experience a genuine Xiamoi 7 Pro phone framework blunder.
  • Some applications reserves should clear.

5 Ways to Fix Black Screen on Xiamoi 7 Pro Phone

Here and there, your Xiamoi 7 Pro phone simply experiences a framework issue, or on the grounds that a few applications are stuck, the Xiamoi 7 Pro phone can’t be utilized regularly, or even get a dark screen. There are a few arrangements you can attempt to get your Xiamoi 7 Pro phone screen functional once more.

1. Get Rid of the Xiamoi 7 Pro System Issue

Get Rid of the Xiamoi 7 Pro System Issue

What do you do when your Xiamoi 7 Pro screen goes dark? Regularly, we can address the Xiamoi 7 Pro framework issue by plant resetting the issue. Nonetheless, by and large, you might find it hard to play out a processing plant reset when your Xiamoi 7 Pro phone goes dark. This is on the grounds that your Xiamoi 7 Pro phone might experience the ill effects of some framework mistakes.

In the present circumstance, you can’t resolve the issue by means of the referenced arrangements. All things considered, you want to utilize some expert Xiamoi 7 Pro System Repair apparatus – DroidKit to try it out. Presently, investigate DroidKit’s amazing highlights, get the most recent rendition of DroidKit, and take the accompanying definite directions to fix the Xiamoi 7 Pro phone dark screen issue.

  • Free introduce DroidKit and open it on your PC > Connect your Xiamoi 7 Pro phone to the PC > Click the Fix System Issues mode solidly in the center.
  • Continue to the Fix System Issues page, you should peruse the guidelines and tap on the Start button.
  • DroidKit will consequently match the PDA code of your Xiamoi 7 Pro phone > Click Download Now to get the firmware bundle, which is utilized for fixing the Xiamoi 7 Pro framework mistakes.
  • Whenever it wraps up downloading the firmware bundle, you will see the accompanying point of interaction, where you should tap on the Fix Now button to start the fixing system.
  • The gadget framework will begin to get fixed. Sit tight for a couple of moments, your Xiamoi 7 Pro phone will fully recover condition.

2. Check and Clean Your Xiamoi 7 Pro Phone

Check and Clean Your Xiamoi 7 Pro Phone

Confirm the buttons and ports on the devices are not stuck.

  • Check the power button to ensure it isn’t impeded by soil. Then, at that point, attempt to press and deliver the button a few times with hardly a pause in between.
  • Check and clean whether the charging port is impeded by residue and garbage that makes the Xiamoi 7 Pro unfit to charge regularly. You can tenderly blow into the charging port, or we can utilize a wooden toothpick to attempt to eliminate anything caught in the charging port.
  • Subsequent to cleaning, plug the Xiamoi 7 Pro into a power source and charge it for around 10 minutes. After a short charge, have a go at restarting the Xiamoi 7 Pro.

3. Try to Charge Your Phone

Try to charge Your Phone

This strategy has prescribed to take a stab at the reason that you have adequate extra energy: delay until your Xiamoi 7 Pro phone battery is totally depleted and consequently closes down. Then, at that point, re-energize the Xiamoi 7 Pro. At the point when the battery has completely energized, try to restart the Xiamoi 7 Pro. This strategy might settle the dark screen of the Xiamoi 7 Pro brought about by a genuine framework mistake.

4. Remove the Phone’s Battery

Remove the Phone’s Battery

In the event that your Xiamoi 7 Pro battery is separable and not coordinated with the phone body, then, at that point, kindly attempt this technique:

  • In the first place, open the defensive front of the Xiamoi 7 Pro from the charging port.
  • Then, at that point, observe the Xiamoi 7 Pro battery opening port.
  • Eliminate the battery and sit tight for 30 seconds or 1 moment.
  • Reinstall the battery and turn it on once more.

5. Force Restart Your Xiamoi 7 Pro Phone

Force Restart Your Xiamoi 7 Pro PhoneFor most Xiamoi 7 Pro phone framework issues, the least demanding way is to compel restart the Xiamoi 7 Pro to fix it. All in all, how would I reset my Xiamoi 7 Pro phone when the screen is dark? Coming up next is a point by point steps:

  • Hold down the “Volume Down” key and the “Power” button at the same time for 7 seconds.
  • Your gadget will restart and show the Xiamoi 7 Pro logo.
  • Hold the Power button then, at that point, select Power Off.
  • After you switch the Xiamoi 7 Pro off, press and hold Power + Volume Up + Home keys all the while.


That is about how to fix the dark screen of death on a Xiamoi 7 Pro phone. It is simpler than you could remember to fix the dark screen on a Xiamoi 7 Pro phone with DroidKit, Therefore, don’t feel upset when you experience this issue. Assuming that you think this guide is useful, if it’s not too much trouble, share it with your loved ones.

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