How To Make NFTs Straight From Your Mobile Phone


NFTs Straight

Have you ever wondered how NFTs are created? Well, you can create your NFT as long as you can spare a little money to mint one. Numerous NFT platforms allow you to create your own NFT and attach unlockable content to your collection. 

Lucky enough, there are a good number of Platforms that allow you to create your NFT on your iPhone. You can create your NFT to share with friends or to make money. We all have had the NFTs that were bought for insane amounts. Here are some of the apps you can install on your iPhone and create NFTs.


The app allows users to turn their photos into NFTs using creative filters rather than digital art. The app is fast and reliable, and you can turn your photos into NFTs in seconds. 

Save your photo on the camera roll or turn an instant photo into an NFT with the app. To start using the app, download it and create an account. 


This app is designed to make cartoonish avatars. After making your avatar, you can mint them to an NFT

You will be able to feature your avatars like the clothes, hair, and facial expressions. Additionally, you can create a custom background. You will then save your avatar on the camera roll for use as an NFT. 

NFT Creator!

Suppose you are looking to create high-quality digital art with little to no background in graphic design, NFT Creator! is the app that will suit your needs. The app carries an array of customizable options to ensure your NFT is created to your liking. 

You do not have to upload an existing photo on NFT Creator! Just use the graphics within the app to come up with your photo. The app also comes with stock photos that have textured backgrounds and abstracts. 

NFT Creator

This app is different from NFT Creator! App. You should be able to differentiate from the exclamation mark. NFT creator is also among the top apps you can create an NFT with on your iPhone. You will create custom NFT trading cards with the app, and it also has some of the most amazing templates for creating NFT. 

To start, you will have to select a template from the library and fill in the information. You will have the option of creating a sneaker card, sports card, Pokémon card or a custom award card. You will have limitless choices with the numerous premium templates you will customize. The app also provides a marketplace for your NFTs. 

8bit Painter

The app is a pixelated image maker that is leading the pack. Many NFTs use pixelated images, and if that is the kind you want, this is the app for you. 

You will settle on a canvas and the size you want. Larger sizes will tend to have more pixels than smaller sizes, with sizes ranging from 16×16 to 160×160. 

The app allows you to turn imported images into pixel art. Also, you can import template images and use them to create NFT. 

Mint and Sell Your NFT Today

You should not be left behind in the blockchain and NFT craze. With these apps, you can mint and sell NFTs that you can create on your phone through cryptocurrencies like Ethereum. It is a fun experience even if your NFT won’t rack you millions. NFT creation may also open your eyes to other facets of NFT. Install that app and create your NFT today.

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