How to Pair Xiaomi AirDots Pro With Your Phone


Xiaomi brand is well known for the production of great smartphones all over the world by spreading them in the markets. On the main of it all, the brand has grown to produce more excellent accessories such as Xiaomi, headphones, smart bands, Xiaomi smartwatches, and earbuds just to mention a few.

The Xiaomi AirDots Pro is one of the best earbuds released by the Xiaomi brand. Thus, it has captured the eyes and concentration of many by earning huge positive reviews in the market. Since the normal wired headphones and earphones have been bulky and uncomfortable, the brand launched the wireless Xiaomi AirDots Pro earbud that is easily movable and provides much convenience.

Pairing Xiaomi AirDots Pro with Phone

How to Pair Xiaomi AirDots Pro With Your Phone

As the Xiaomi AirDots Pro is created with unique features, there is a need to provide a successful pairing and connection. This will permit you to enjoy the amazing features that come with this accessory. Therefore, in this article, we provide you with the easiest guide to executing a fruitful pairing of the Xiaomi AirDots with your phone.

Moreover, the astounding elements that accompany the gadget incorporate the top-notch sound plan, durable battery duration, and great quality of ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) highlight. This component permits you to dispose of the surrounding commotion and allows you to focus completely on your music or calls. Likewise, Xiaomi AirDots Pro has astounding touch control as well as is profoundly water safe.

To connect the Xiaomi AirDots earbud with your smartphone you require to follow the methods outlined below to complete a successful connection.

1. Check your Phone’s Bluetooth Version

Above all else, you should really take a look at the Bluetooth rendition of your telephone prior to beginning the matching. This is on the grounds that the Xiaomi Air Dots Pro is based on Bluetooth variant 4.2, consequently upheld in gadgets with Bluetooth adaptation 4.2 or later forms yet not lower. Along these lines, you should guarantee your telephone is viable with the gadget by really taking a look at the Bluetooth variant. To check the Bluetooth form, you need to follow the below steps.

Check your Phone’s Bluetooth Version

  • Go to the settings application on your telephone.
  • Look down to Apps or Application Manager.
  • Look down and choose Bluetooth Share.
  • Check for the Bluetooth variant of your telephone

Remove the earbuds from the charging box

Then, you should eliminate the earbuds from the charging box. This is the issue having the Xiaomi AirDots Pro. This will empower you to begin the matching system easily.

Turn off the Xiaomi AirDots

Then, you should eliminate the earbuds from the charging box. This is the issue having the Xiaomi AirDots Pro. This will enable you to begin the pairing system easily.

Pair the two Xiaomi AirDots

In the wake of switching them off, you want to turn them on again to match the two AirDots. To match them, you want to hold their touch regions simultaneously for around 30 seconds. You will then see the first and second arrangement of a red-white flicker.

This implies that the two AirDots are in a matching model. You currently need to return them to the charging box for 5 seconds and eliminate them out for matching with the telephone. Assuming that the matching was fruitful, you will actually want to see just the right earbud flickering.

2. Pairing Xiaomi AirDots with your Phone


Pairing Xiaomi AirDots with your Phone

Now you are expected to match the AirDots with your telephone. Since the AirDots will be in a matching mode, you should go to your telephone and continue with the association. You should follow the means beneath to match the earbuds to your cell phone

  • Go to your telephone and snap on the settings
  • Tap on Bluetooth
  • Switch the button close to Bluetooth to turn it on.
  • From that point, click on check gadgets and select your Xiaomi AirDots to match them.
  • In the rundown of gadgets, select “MI AIRDOTS BASIC_R” or “MI AIRDOTS BASIC_L”.


To add to this, when you interface the AirDots to the telephone, the earbud will be naturally associated with your telephone when eliminated from the charging box. In addition, assuming that you will expect to interface the Xiaomi AirDots Pro to different gadgets, you should disengage it from the current gadget and afterward associate it to the next gadget utilizing similar strides above. Highlight note, the Xiaomi AirDots Pro will naturally detach when you eliminate them from the ear. It might stay on the reserve for at least 30 minutes.

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