Xiaomi May Come Up With A MI 6+ With A Shiny Mirror Like Silver Surface


Few months ago Xiaomi introduced their flagship for 2017 that was the Mi6. This device came with top of the line specs like the Snapdragon 835, upto 6 Gigabytes of RAM, upto 128 Gigabyes of Internal Storage all in a 5.15 inch form factor. Now, in case you don’t know, there are a couple of special editions to it. One being the Jackie Chan Autograph Edition & the other one being the Bright Silver Edition  Xiaomi May Come Up With A MI 6.

However, only 100 of the Bright Silver Edition units were made so, the quantity was super limited. This time it seems like, Xiaomi is woking on a Mi 6+ that’ll have that may have that same or improved Bright Silver surface on the outside.


Xiaomi May Come Up With A MI 6+ With A Shiny Mirror Like Silver Surface

The main problem that Xiaomi seems to be facing with this particular design, is the hard & time consuming production process. This design took 12 Days running almost 40 processes in a Dust-free Vacuum. But, we hope that Xiaomi overcomes the technical difficulties as this whole concept isn’t new. HTC has already shown similar design languages with their U line up.

About the Specifications we don’t know anything as of now. But, we are expecting a slightly bigger Screen & 8 Gigabytes of RAM. But, let’s see what Xiaomi actually comes up with. We’re hoping for the maximum improvements but, it depends on the ratio of how much Xiaomi wants to push & how much they can actually push.



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