Latest official Orange Fox recovery project R10.1_3 for Redmi Note 5/Pro


Latest official Orange Fox recovery project R10.1_3 for Redmi Note 5/Pro. It has its intuitive user interface design.  By two creative guys, namely DarthJabba9 and Misterit is been developed. Yacha. The OFRP source code is accessible on Gitlab for the overall public. This implies the overall public will have a peek at its source code.

What is Orange Fox Recovery?

This is one of the latest and popular custom recoveries. It has wonderful fixes, additional features and also a host of supported devices.

Features of Orange Fox Recovery:

  • Designed using the Latest material design 2 guidelines.
  • It is full of open-source.
  • Password protection is accessible.
  • Also includes Customization.
  • Updated offtimes.
  • Gets synced with the newest Team win changes.
  • It has in-built patches like Magisk and Password reset patch.
  • Implemented support for Flyme and MIUI OTA.
  • Also, Incremental block-based OTA  in custom ROM is implemented.
  • Orange fox theme engine.
  • It has a brand new UI (User Interface).
  • Aroma FM.
  • Support for Miui and Custom ROMs.
  • Better language support.
  • Optimized versions of community scripts.
  • Alternative lock screen.
  • Up-to-date oreo kernel, designed from sources.
  • Built-in support for installing init.d functionality.
  • Supports Treble and non-Treble ROMs.

For users of  Redmi Note 5/Pro orange fox recovery is that the official version. Because it’s very stable. The users are of the version experience little to no bugs.

Steps to Install R10.1_3 Project on Redmi Note 5 pro:

To Install the Orange Fox project, we need TWRP on your Redmi Note 5 pro. Now,  Let’s Install it.


  • Download Xiaomi USB Drivers.
  • Also, download ADB and quick boot Drivers.
  • The device should have unlocked Boot Loader.
  • Then, we would like to Install TWRP Recovery on the Redmi Note 5 Pro device.

Installation Process:

  • Firstly, move the downloaded Orange Fox Recovery to the Internal Storage of the Mobile.
  • If you have installed TWRP(Team Win Recovery Project) Recovery, presently boot into TWRP Recovery on your device.
  • Once you have booted into TWRP. Then, tap on Install Button.
  • Now tap on the Install Image and then browse for the Orange Fox file. Thus it is downloaded for Redmi Note 5 Pro.
  • Once you had found it, now tap on the file name and so simply swipe to confirm the flash.
  • Then, It’ll Install the Orange Fox Recovery Project on Redmi Note 5 pro.

The latest version of orange fox recovery is Orange Fox R10.1_3. There are some other older versions like OrangeFox-R9.0-1, OrangeFox-R9.0-2 and OrangeFox-R8.3.

The latest approaching OrangeFox Recovery R11 is presently under development and can be shortly proclaimed.

This approaching version is predicted to have Android 10 gestures and design guidelines with a better user experience. The battery icon is going to be drawn by the C code. It is also expected to get Magisk enhancements similarly to fixes. Like each alternative version, this one too is going to be merged with TWRP changes!

The OrangeFox R11 version is continuous to be under development and can be updated soon when the corporate releases it.  Therefore keep tuned with us for the latest OrangeFox R11.

What is TWRP Recovery?

TWRP recovery
TWRP recovery

TWRP stands for Team Win Recovery Project.  The touch-based custom recovery was initially built for the Google Nexus phones. With the increased number of android developers and users, it has now been made available for countless other smartphones and tablets. Moreover, they were launched both officially as well as unofficially.

Since TWRP is open-source software, it is quite simple for the developers to build an unofficial TWRP recovery. One can easily install using an official TWRP app from Google Play Store. In this guide, let’s check out a detailed relation between TWRP and Orange Fox recovery.

TWRP Features:

    • It has Flash Zip and Image files.
    • Creates an android backup and restore possibility for users.
    • Supports USB-OTG.
    • It has Wipe partitions.
    • It Repairs or changes the file system.
    • Also has Overclock and Under clock.
    • Removes the Bloatware from the device

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