Upcoming Xiaomi Smartphones To Have Samsung’s OLED Display


I personally like Samsung’s OLED displays & the latest news about Xiaomi to have Samsung’s OLED Display on their upcoming smartphones give a clear win to Xiaomi’s Display performance. According to the report Samsung is soon going to ship OLED smartphone displays to Xiaomi Upcoming Xiaomi Smartphones To Have Samsung’s OLED Display.

Xiaomi is in with an official contact with Samsung to ship OLED displays for their upcoming flagship models for 2018. Samsung will start shipping the displays in early December 2017. According to the sources Samsung is has going to ship 2.2 million units of the 6.1-inch display to Xiaomi. Also, the sources say that Samsung has already shipped a few million units to Xiaomi in the last month.

Yet, any of the companies have not yet confirmed the mutual contact, but soon it’s going to be official. Shipping the OLED display to Xiaomi can actually bring a lot of Samsung users to go for Xiaomi to get better and cheaper models.

This news gives a clear idea that Xiaomi is planning to launch a 6.1-inch smartphone in early 2018, which also brings this to notice that in 2018 we might see smartphones with bigger displays. First of all, you will need to note down your Galaxy S7, S8, or S9 phone’s model. Here you can find a complete guide about How to Root Samsung.

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