Xiaomi Introduces MI6 – Limited Edition Jackie Chan’s Autographed Smartphone


 Jackie CHan Limited Edition MI6

Xiaomi MI6 – Jackie Chan’s Autographed Smartphone

Xiaomi has made a recent announcement of their limited edition Xiaomi MI6 – Jackie Chan’s Autographed Smartphone. This is a very smart move made by Xiaomi to market their smartphones & expand it through Jackie Chan’s fans. With this tie up it has become obvious that the brand is planning to extend their sale.

The smartphone will comes with a premium box with Jackie Chan’s signature on the back cover of the phone. They haven’t changed anything in the specification. We are not yet sure about the number of limited edition MI6, as we have yet to get it confirmed.


This will clearly give some good number of sales to Xiaomi & on other hand this also means that the brand is trying to evacuate all the remaining models with this amazing strategy.



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