Xiaomi Smart Home Aqara Human Motion Sensor Offered


Xiaomi Smart Home Aqara Human Motion Sensor offered just for 11.99$ (870.62 in Indian rupees). The Xiaomi motion sensor adopts the pyroelectric  Infrared Sensor(IR)  in it. Besides, the sensor ensures to detect human or animal that is passing by through heat movement reaction.

Features of Xiaomi motion sensor:

  • Xiaomi motion sensor works with a 3Volts CR2450 button cell.
  • The sensor detects the presence or intrusion into a room.
  • It is a small cylinder with 3 centimeters in diameter and 3.3cm high.
  • It will automatically trigger the lighting. Also, sends a notification on your smartphone in case of intrusion, triggers a siren.
  • The maximum detection distance is 7meters at 170°.
  • Xiaomi Smart Home gateway and Mi home IOS and Android apps namely  are required
  • Its Protocol is Zigbee.
  • Xiaomi motion sensor battery life is 2 years.

Xiaomi motion sensor supports Homekit. It can connect to Mi devices via Aquara Hub. It also has a  Button for reset purposes. The detection range is 7 meters and 180 degrees. It has an adjustable mount that comes with a package. Also, it has a flat top with Ambient light.

In groups, Mijia Smart Human Body Movement Sensor will be used. To control lighting environments and much more. Besides, notifications are set up an alert using the Mi Home app.

Xiaomi motion sensor
Aqara human motion sensor

What is a sensor?

A sensor as the name indicates it senses any changes in its surrounding environment and sends it to other electronic devices.  It is always used with other electronic devices. In touch-sensitive elevator buttons, lamps that manage their brightness by touching base sensors are used. For manufacturing robots, airplanes, cars, and many others in our day-to-day life. So many types of sensors are used in different categories. They are Gas sensors, Biosensors, Image sensors, Position sensors, speed sensors, and so on.

types of sensors
Types of sensors

Motion Sensor:

The first motion sensor was invented in 1950. It is a device that notices moving objects and people.  The main principle of a motion sensor is to sense and send the information to the control panel. Motion sensor reacts to different situations like doors and windows being un-bolt.

These sensors activate the doorbell when we come nearer to the front door. The sensor conserves energy by using its light in dark areas. There are different types of motion sensors namely Ultrasonic sensor, Microwave, PIR sensor, and Tomographic sensor. Any two types of sensor combinations are also used for many purposes.

PIR Sensor:

This sensor does not emit any energy so it is a PIR type sensor. This is the difference between a PIR sensor and an electrical eye. PIR means Passive Infra-Red Sensor. It is sensitive to skin temperature. The sensor detects the objects or animals by picking up one’s Infra-Red radiation.

PIR motion sensor
PIR motion sensor

Ultrasonic Sensor:

It emits Ultrasonic waves and receives reflections from nearby objects.  The ultrasonic wavelength of around a centimeter is similar to the wavelengths used in microwave motion detectors.

Ultra sonic motion sensor
Ultrasonic motion sensor

Microwave Sensor:

The Microwave sensor is also known as a Radar or Doppler sensor. They detect walking, crawling, and running outdoor. This type of sensor generates an electromagnetic radiation field or RF field between transmitter and receiver. It creates an Invisible Volumetric detection zone.

micro wave motion sensor
microwave motion sensor

Tomographic Motion Sensor:

This type of motion sensor senses the disturbances to radio waves when they pass from node network to mesh network. These also sense through walls. Other wireless-capable devices can act as nodes on the mesh after receiving a software update.

tomographic sensor
Tomographic motion sensor

What is Aqara?

“Aq” means “Smart”, “ara” means “Home”.  The name “Aqara” means “Smart Home”. It provides smart home products to customers. The products with specifications like easy to use, affordable, and beautifully designed. Aqara products support all types of platforms. They are like Google assistant, Mi home app, Amazon Alexa, and Apple home kit. The brand is expanding globally to provide its product to every household.


 Vertical, Wall Mount, and also the ceiling are the places where it can be installed. It is easy to install.

It associates with the network also controls night light by sticking at the side of TV, beds, and even on doors. The sensor will activate the network and control systems when sensing the human environment. Also, the associated light will switch on smartly.

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