How to Make Labels Easy and Fast: Everything You Need to Know


Today, if you want your product sales to be high, your task is to make it look perfect. Designing a good label is one of the steps to making its appearance excellent. But usually, people think it’s too complicated to create something eye-catching on their own and ask for designers’ help. Though, VistaCreate is ready to disprove this stereotype and show you an intuitively understandable label creator, which helps save your time and money.

What are labels, and why do you need them for your product?

Labels usually are pieces of paper you see on products, where the information on the brand and product is. But nowadays, people label not only physical products — Internet products, software solutions, and others need trademarks too. 

Labels serve for the following:

  • They help enhance brand recognition. To present your brand, you use the logo — a unique combination of colors, fonts, text, and images. It reflects the concept your project or company follows, and placing it on the label makes it possible for your audience to associate the products with a brand. Usually, label accent colors and formatting refer to the logo to make this association easier. 
  • They give more detailed info on the product you sell. Look at the Xiaomi stickers, for example. They provide the full nomination of a product, a list of equipment that goes along with the smartphone, information on the technical specificities, etc. 
  • Along with detailed product info, a sticker can have info on production and distribution facilities. Contacts, going along with the other information, give your customers a chance to leave feedback and get a consultation in case of necessity. 
  • Finally, you can improve your marketing strategy using these trademarks. A logo helps brand awareness, but when combined with current and relevant marketing approaches, it drives better results. 

Thus, using a label is indispensable for some products and is not obligatory but advantageous for others. But whether your case demands it or you just want to benefit from another available means, only a well-designed sticker can help your sales. 

Tips for creating a well-designed label

To make a good sticker, you need to consider how to become a content creator some specificities, helping it become useful for both your brand and your customer. To make a label helpful, keep in mind the following:

  • remember your logo design — use accent colors and fonts when reasonable;
  • keep it simple to perceive — people should remember the product and the brand, but not be amazed by the magnificent ornaments your label background has;
  • don’t make visuals the highest priority — correlate them with the product and information you suggest your sticker contain;
  • set up the sizes before any formatting;
  • distinguish spaces for marketing and helpful information — if you mix it, there can be a mess.

To reach the best result for sure, create several examples to present to your team, and discuss which is the most convenient. 

How to make a label with VistaCreate?

Considering all the abovementioned, creating a label can seem complicated for not experienced users. Though, working with VistaCreate helps you avoid unnecessary efforts. To create a sticker in this image editor, you should:

  1. Go to the VistaCreate page (link at the beginning).
  2. Press the “Try now” button, which immediately redirects you to the Signing up window. Create an account with an option convenient for you. (If you used the editor before and did not log out — you start editing).
  3. A blank sheet appears before you. To change the size, edit it in the upper bar. You can set any comfortable size choosing from the social media post templates or indicate a custom one. 
  4. Create the image. You can use the VistaCreate libraries or upload your objects. The system saves them, so in future sessions, you won’t need to add them again. 
  5. Choose download or publish to the social media in the upper part of the edition window. 

Thus, the process is pretty straightforward and intuitive, so even if it takes some time, you’ll spend this time with pleasure.

Creating a label can be easy or complicated, depending on your task for this sticker. But using the VistaCreate editor, the creative process will give you much more pleasure than trying to understand the professional programs or spending money on marketing design services.

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