Top Best Xiaomi Robot Vacuum to buy in 2021


Just set the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum and watch it go. This savvy home cleaning gadget has an LDS that filters its environmental factors in 360 degrees, 1,800 times each second. Control it distantly using the Mi Home application, where you can change cleaning modes and set timetables.

1. Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P:


The Robot Vacuum-Mop P is a shrewd across-the-board cleaning for houses. The 2-in-1 cleaning and wiping functionalities. They combined with control using an app. power by a quad-center Cortex-A7 processor and sports what the brand calls a Laser Distance Sensor (LDS) alongside 12 multi-directional sensors. These let it discover and kill earth toward each path.


  • Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P –  Name
  • 350 X 94.5mm – Dimensions
  • 3200mAh – Battery
  • 2.4GHz 802.11 b/g/n – Network
  • 60-130 min – Running Time
  • 3.6kg – Weight
  • 33W – Power

2. Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P package List

“Robot” in the Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P is intended to indicate the self-governing elements of these tiny and rather cutesy clean packs in abundance. On the off chance that you have noticed robot vacuum cleaners previously, the Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P doesn’t look any changed. It’s anything but a leveled round and hollow shape with a raised radar sort of framework that it uses to “see” around and stay away from obstructions. In India, you get a solitary gleaming dark variation with radar components painted in the standard Xiaomi orange.

The top half is a cover that gives simple admittance to the residue compartments. Xiaomi offers two compartments as standard with the bundle. You get a standard vacuum mode compartment and another vacuum-mop compartment in the case for the mop use with water. Likewise, you need to append the mop lodging unit to the underside while utilizing the cleaning charges. Xiaomi offers an additional mop fabric that is connecting to the lodging using Velcro lashes.

3. Robot Vacuum-Mop P sweeps, vacuums, and mops

While many contending gadgets offer only one significant capacity – typically vacuuming – the Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P does both vacuuming and cleaning, with essential clearing. A turning brush at the front of the gadget drives residue and garbage into the vacuum zone, where a vast roller brush catches it, so it very well may be pulled up into the vacuum compartment. At long last, two water outlets drop water onto the floor, and a texture mop then, at that point, spreads it’s anything but a perfect mop work.

The whole interaction is very productive, occurring in parallel development. But, it merits referencing that the device can’t precisely reach all over; thus, it can’t perfect as viably in holes and along the edges of furniture, given the state of the actual gadget. Also, it’s anything but ordered to put any added substances like antiseptic fluids in the water, so you’ll probably still need to do a touch of clearing and wiping yourself like accuracy for an intense clean.

Should clear out the mixing compartment more regularly due to the more modest size of the residue region, and should top up the water level practically before each home cleaning. If your house is large, you may even need to top it up in the center of a tidy-up. I favored utilizing the blending compartment in my 600-square-foot home and needed to wipe out the residue compartment once every few days for viable cleaning.

4. Lasers help the Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P

The gadget utilizes the LDS (Laser Detect System) route, which assists it with moving viably around the house and distinguish and keep away from deterrents or drop-offs, as the highest point of a flight of stairs. The route framework was practical generally; however, the gadget did sporadically chance upon certain obstructions like the legs of a seat or table, entryway plugs, or footwear. Luckily, some adaptable guards ingest stuns, so this doesn’t harm the gadget in any capacity. It could push something weak over, so you’ll be cautious about that.

The gadget is fit for climbing low statures (like the edges of rugs or little joints in the deck), yet free mats stalled out in the rollers basically without fail. Hefty or fixed floor coverings didn’t trouble the gadget to an extreme, as long as they weren’t excessively thick. While the Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P is fit for powerful vacuuming on rugs and carpets, it works best on the stern deck. On the off chance that you have steps or some raised hindrances partitioning rooms, you’ll need to physically lift the Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P into and out of the spaces that should clean.

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5. Mi Home app is crucial

The entirety of the “robot” places on the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum-Mop P is the culture of the Mi Home application. Can change all the cleaning modes and planning settings from inside the actual application. The application likewise allows you to see the guide that the robot makes in its memory.

When the guide, the robot sorts out the room division and utilizations shading codes to recognize the zones. You can either allow it to clean the whole house or select a specific room straightforwardly from this guide. You can even make virtual dividers and no-passage zones where the Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P isn’t permitted. The robot keeps away from these virtual dividers with extraordinary accuracy. You need to make your virtual dividers and no-section zones once more on the off chance that you reset the guide.

6. Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P Price

The cost of the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum-Mop P at the hour of this survey is Rs. 19,999, yet it is required to go up to Rs. 21,999 from July 15 to August 15, and maybe significantly higher after that if Xiaomi keeps on tolerating preorders. The gadget will send solely after September 15, paying little heed to when you submit your request, so early preorders of the device are getting more estimating.


The Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P is a clever slight expansion to your armory of housekeeping gear. Those driving the single guy life or having an infant investigate every one of the sides of your home will discover this gadget of significant assistance to keep the floor clean. At Rs 24,999, it appears to be genuinely available to many working-class families also. Upkeep is genuinely kind with a regular schedule, and new parts (like brushes, channels, and compartments) are currently more open.

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