Used Phones in Singapore


Whether you’re in the market for a different phone model or looking for another phone for business purposes and want to save money, you’re probably considering buying a used phone in Singapore. 

If you want to upgrade your current phone without breaking the bank, you can sell it or trade it in for a different phone model. This way, you won’t have to spend a lot of money but still, get a device that would meet your needs. It’s environmentally sustainable too!

We’re sure you have a lot of questions about selling and buying a used phone, and we’re happy to help. Allow us to guide you with the answers to these common questions about secondhand phones in Singapore.

Where Is the Best Place To Sell Old Mobile Phones in Singapore?

As you can see, there are many ways and therefore many places where you can sell your phone in Singapore. But if you don’t want to go through the hassle of visiting different shops, online marketplaces, and classified sites, plus entertain queries and negotiate prices on your social media, then your best option is to simply go to the best place for used iPhone Singapore: Red White Mobile.

Red White Mobile is also the place to go to for iPhone repair Singapore. Red White Mobile offers fair prices when you decide or trade-in your phone online. It’s important to note that the trade-in and selling prices vary according to the condition and quality of the phone you are selling as well as market fluctuation. You can check out the prices listed online so you can get an estimate of how much your phone may sell for. And if you don’t see your phone on the list, you can easily send them a message for clarification and any questions you may have.

What Are the Ways To Resell a Used Mobile Phone in Singapore?

There are a number of ways to resell your used phone in Singapore:

  • Selling it to a phone or electronics shop that specializes in buying used phones, such as Red White Mobile
  • Selling it on online marketplaces such as Carousell and Facebook Marketplace
  • Listing it under the ‘For sale’ page in a classified ad website such as Gumtree Singapore and Craigslist Singapore
  • Joining a forum and making a post about the phone you intend to sell
  • Posting about the phone you’re selling on your social media accounts 

How Do You Choose the Best Cheap Smartphone in Singapore?

When it comes to choosing the best budget smartphone, what you need to think about is what the most important feature is for your needs, and what you can do without. Low-priced phones may not have it all. There are some compromises to be made with regard to the display, build, camera, processor, memory, and battery life.

Some may have an excellent camera but poor battery life, while other models may not shine in the image quality department but have outstanding build quality. So, choose according to the feature that is most important to you.

What Is the Cheapest Smartphone in Singapore?

If you are looking for the most pocket-friendly phone that won’t give you headaches, here are our top 3 recommendations: Samsung Galaxy A7, Huawei Y5, and Vivo Y15.

The Samsung Galaxy A7 was released in 2018 and features a side-mounted fingerprint sensor, microSDXC slot, Super AMOLED display, Corning Gorilla Glass 3, and Android 8.0 (upgradable to Android 10). The Huawei Y5, released in 2019, is another cheap model that has all the features one would expect from a budget smartphone–glass front and plastic build, handy size, microSDXC lot, and IPS LCD. It’s got Android 9.0 installed. 

Last is the Vivo Y15, which was also released in 2019. It has two cameras–a triple cam at the rear and a selfie camera. It also has a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor, Android 9.0, IPS LCD, and a sturdy plastic build.

Is Buying Refurbished iPhones a Good Idea?

Buying a refurbished iPhone in Singapore is a good move if you are keen on getting an iPhone but don’t want to spend too much on a brand-new unit. Apple iPhones that are refurbished go through a certification process to ensure they are good as new. Refurbished iPhones even get a fresh battery and new outer shell.

Refurbished iPhones are those that were previously owned but returned to Apple because of an issue or a factory defect, like a dead pixel for instance. Some iPhones are returned because the owner changed their mind. Upon return, the devices are inspected and repaired to full functionality, then sold as refurbished.

Do Used Phones Have Problems?

One has to wonder about the circumstances surrounding the sale of a used phone. Many phones are resold because their owners ultimately didn’t like their interface or features. Others are sold because of a cosmetic or functionality issue. 

Some used phones may exhibit technical problems after only a few days of use–one really can’t be sure unless the previous owner is honest about all the issues they have encountered.

These said, if you are considering buying a pre-owned phone, it will be better if you purchase from a trustworthy business that can vouch for the phone’s quality and offer a warranty. This way, if a technical issue comes up in the next few days following your purchase, you can go for Red White Mobile iPhone Repair Services or replace it with another unit.

Is It Better To Buy Refurbished or Used?

Before we tackle this question, let’s look at the difference between refurbished and used phones.

  • Refurbished – the device was returned or traded in by the previous owner. It has been inspected, cleaned up, or repaired, given new batteries and accessories, and repackaged to make it as good and fresh as it can be. Refurbished devices often come straight from the manufacturer or authorized refurbisher, and come with a warranty or return policy.
  • Used – it has been owned and come straight from the previous owner. Unless the device is only a few days old, there may be cosmetic damage, battery degradation, or a functional issue. 

In most instances, it is better to buy refurbished phones than used ones, as refurbished devices have gone through inspection, repair, quality assurance, and certification processes. Many electronic companies that offer refurbished smartphones specify that a device has been refurbished and inspected by the manufacturer. There are also retailers and third-party professional firms that offer refurbishment services.

Do take note that refurbished devices may have a higher price tag than used phones due to the extra labour, not to mention replacement parts. If price is an important factor for you, weigh your options to see if buying a used unit may be the better choice.

In addition, older models may seem new when refurbished, but their features may not be up to your expectations and needs. For instance, a refurbished phone model from five years ago may have a poorer camera or display quality than a used phone that was released just a year ago.

Used phones are also a good option for parents looking to give their kids their own phones. If the phone gets dropped, stepped on, or suffers any other damage in the hands of a child, replacing it will not hurt the wallet as much.

Why Are Used Phones Cheap?

Much like cars and other electronic devices, mobile phones use their value over time. Every year, newer phone models are released, and these have sharper cameras, faster processors, better-operating systems–better features overall. These new phones push the previous year’s flagships aside, making them lose their value.

Many pre-owned phones in Singapore are also cheap because they may have cosmetic damages, such as scratches on the glass. It can also be functional, such as a weakened battery. Basically, anything that takes away from its new, pristine condition brings down its price. 

According to industry experts, The average entry-level/budget Android phone may lose up to 80% of its original resale value in two years, while an iPhone may lose 45% of its value after two years.

All phones, regardless of the brand, are affected by phone depreciation, but some smartphone models are able to retain their value over time. These include the Apple iPhone 11, iPhone 8, and Google Pixel XL.

What Are the Disadvantages of Used Phones?

Used phones may be the cheapest in the market, but buying them may come with some disadvantages and risks. Knowing what these are can help you make a sound decision on your mobile phone purchase.

  • There are no guarantees that the phone will function as it should
  • The phone may not work as described
  • The phone may not be compatible with the latest operating system and app versions
  • There may be cosmetic problems, such as stains or scratches
  • The phone may not have been thoroughly checked in terms of build quality and functionality. You may end up inheriting problems the previous owner may or may not have known about
  • The phone may no longer be covered by a manufacturer warranty
  • If a used phone without warranty starts to misbehave, you will have to pay for its repair and replacement parts yourself, which can cost more than buying a new or a refurbished phone
  • The phone may have already undergone numerous repairs for previous damages
  • The phone may have a significantly shorter battery life. This can be a problem if the battery is not removable or easily replaceable (if you need the services of a phone technician to open it up, you end up paying more for labour and the replacement battery)
  • The phone may have been stolen

We hope this article helps you make a decision you won’t regret when purchasing a refurbished or used phone in Singapore. When in doubt, seek the advice of the experts to help you choose the phone that’s best for your needs and budget. Other cheap iphone repair Singapore may be the best choice for you.

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