Download Latest Android 11 for Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro or K30 Pro with MIUI


Xiaomi is always on the top in providing quality features on their smartphones without dominating the price range. It is the reason why Xiaomi smartphones always got placed under the top 10 phone sellers in the world. So, there is no way to lack behind when the question comes for Android OS’s upgrade. Phones like Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro and K30 are now available for upgrade to android 11 with the latest MIUI support. This post will look into the step-by-step procedure to download and install the latest android 11 for Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro or K30 Pro with MIUI specifications.

Pre steps before you download the latest MIUI:

No doubt, you don’t need any special tools or the Latest gadgets to upgrade to the latest MIUI in Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro. But, it would be best if you took care of the following guidelines before you go for upgrading:-

  • More than 50% charge: Setting up the phone at the time of upgrade may take time. So, make sure to have sufficient charge on your phone to avoid failure of the installation.
  • Take backup: If you are installing custom ROM via TWRP method, don’t forget to take a backup.
  • Check for updates: Go for the upgrade only if your handsets have received update notifications for MIUI 12 beta builds regarding firmware version V12.1.2.0.RJKCNXM.
  • 3GB available Data: The file size of Firmware version MIUI V12.2.1.0.RJKMIXM is about 2.8GB. So be sure to have a mobile or Wi-Fi data of about 3GB available. No need to worry; you can also download it in multiple shots depending upon your daily data usage.

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Updated catalog for android 11:

You can avail the following new functions on Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro after upgrade:

  • Direct app sharing without any file transfer application
  •  Sky filter on photos
  •  Advanced physics calculator
  •  Buttons customization with 3D colors
  •  Low-frequency sound to clear speaker walls
  •  Game turbo mode to get data about temperature, FPS count, touch response.
  •  Mi mover for shifting data to other phones
  •  Advanced screen recorder ( 1080 px recording, external mic audio support )
  •  Theme store ( static wallpapers )
  •  Chat bubbles for WhatsApp and other social media apps
  •  Turn off ads & Smart media controls.
  •  Android 11 UI notification

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Steps to download Android 11 for Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro:-

The download and install procedure for updated android 11 with MIUI can be possible by two methods in the following ways:

Official method: Download from phone settings

  1. If your phone is continually receiving updates regarding MIUI or Android 11 updates, Navigate to the about phone section from the setting option.
  2. In the about phone section, You will get an option to check for updates.
  3. Click on the update section to check your phone eligibility to download. Most probably, it will display a download button with a file size of approx 3GB.
  4. Click on the download button to complete the process.
  5. After the download gets finished, your phone will go into boot mode and take up to 5 minutes to automatically switch on.
  6. Meanwhile, it may reboot multiple times for fixing errors due to security reasons.
  7. In the end, you will see a logo of android 11 on your screen, which confirms that your phone is ready to enjoy the new android operating features.

Unofficial method: Using TWRP ( zip flash tool )

Go for this step if you have enough idea to deal with TWRP and custom Xiaomi drivers. You can do it either by a laptop or PC for flashing the official zip files.

  1. Click here to download the updated framework of version V12.1.2.0.RJKCNXMRJKCN.
  2. Now download the Xiaomi flash tools or driver from here.
  3. Connect your Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro and turn on the command prompt to access your phone.
  4. Extract out the zip files with the help of Xiaomi drivers and flash them using the command prompt.
  5. Reboot your phone to confirm the working of the new operating system.
  6. Alternatively, you can also flash the zip file from the recovery mode if you have unlocked the TWRP on your phone.

Final words:

Every upgrade of android brings new surprising elements for smartphone users. The advanced and comfortable catalog of android 11 has seized the accessibility to a great extent. In the whole quest of latest technology, phones like Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro are fortunate to be a part of this new advancement.

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